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Welcome to our curated marketplace bursting with remarkable brands from all over the globe.

As we’re sure you have before, we felt it was time to step out of fashion’s traditional boxes. Tired of the same old familiar brands, we hopped on a flight and sought to uncover the finest brands from interesting corners such as Romania, Dubai, and Australia. We travel beyond your wildest fashion dreams, casting a wide net to carefully select the lifestyle affirming products we believe in. From gym-tastic sportswear to sock-knocking gowns, our selection has everything you think you need and a little something extra. Adhering to no rules, our store will guide you through new combinations and ideas. Whatever your style, whatever your occasion; we’ve got you covered with some of the best fashion outside of the box.

We are guessing you also want to know who we are. THE BOX BOUTIQUE is a small familial tribe primarily made up of three siblings. Through our occasional sisterly squabbles, we’ve teamed our passions together to construct a tasteful slice of luxury to suit different tastes. So please, go ahead; indulge. You can feel at ease in our little tribe. Let our curations inspire you and take you to a whole new level of personal style. Cause we know you’ve got taste; we’re just here to help you step up your game with a little slice of something extra.

So here’s to you - the fashion-patrons, the mavericks, the individualists. Here’s to you looking fine in some freshly unboxed garbs.